The Firm has a documented track record of representing businesses and individuals in a wide array of complicated litigation and dispute resolution from highly confidential presuit settlements to public, ugly and long-running litigation all the way through an appeal to the Supreme Court.

We Fight for Confidential Presuit Settlements
Allegations sexual misconduct, workplace harassment, invasion of privacy and defamation, and partnership and corporate disputes tend to be highly sensitive. Litigating these cases in public tends to get nasty. Whenever possible, we strive to obtain a discreet and confidential settlement that avoids public disclosure of the facts and claims.
We Litigate Game Changing Employment, Labor & Wage Lawsuits
The Firm has litigated the full panoply of federal and state employment, labor and wage claims. This includes the Fair Labor Standards Act, Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Family & Medical Leave Act, the Florida Civil Rights Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower Protection Act, and Florida’s public and private whistleblower act and the WARN Act.
We Protect Your Employment History & Compensation
The Firm advises managers and c-level employees with contract negotiations at the outset of employment and in connection with employment separations. We have assisted bank and financial executives, physicians, government employees and university professors start and finish their employment the right way with the proper protections.
We Enforce and Challenge Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation, Confidentiality and Trade Secrets Contracts
Florida has the most aggressive non-competition statute in the nation. National companies regularly take advantage of Florida law by insisting on it when the employment relationship has only a tenuous connection to the state. We have a long track record of litigating restrictive covenants on behalf of businesses, physicians, professors, scientists, computer technology professionals and salespeople.
We Counsel You on Day-to-Day Workplace Issues
The Firm regularly counsels mid-market companies on day-to-day employment matters, including the hiring and termination of employees, complying with federal, state and local employment statutes and regulations, handling employee complaints, interacting with federal and state agencies, and advising human resource professionals how to handle daily occurrences.
We Protect Your Corporate & Partnership Assets
Corporate divorces can be just as emotional and vexing as the family type. When your business partners steal money or your investment goes south because of corporate or personal misconduct, we fight to put things back in their rightful place with your investment saved or returned to you.
We Understand Inheritance & Probate Disputes
Losing a loved one is terrible. Having to sue a family member can be even worse. Did your sister see to it that mom cut you out of the will? Did dad leave the house to his caretaker? Does the signature not look right? Was grandpa suffering from a diminished mental state when he executed his documents? It is upsetting to learn that an expected inheritance was lost. We’ve dealt with these issues in multiple states.
We Take on Government Entities for Violating Civil Rights
The Firm has successfully represented people in lawsuits against police officers and correctional officers. This includes a two-week federal jury trial (known as a Bivens action) against the Federal Bureau of Prisons on behalf of a female inmate raped by guards, and a s. 1983 lawsuit against Okeechobee Sheriff’s Department on behalf of a female inmate repeatedly raped by their sex crimes detective. We also represented a prominent board-certified attorney against a local police agency for his false arrest and malicious prosecution. The Firm is particular proud of its ability to use state and federal public records laws to discover government wrongdoing.
We Sue Professionals & Fiduciaries
The Firm has represented former clients and former professionals in lawsuits alleging legal or accounting malpractice. Common errors include missed deadlines, a failure to understand a client’s risk tolerance, incorrect legal analysis and conflicts of interest. We have preempted suits by former professionals against their clients through careful review of the professional’s representation and counsel.

Matthew Sarelson, P.A

We invite you to review Matthew’s comprehensive resume for a complete list of past matters. We can provide you the name of Matthew’s opposing counsel, client and the presiding judge for any matter for a reference check.

We take very few cases. We know your legal issues are personal. We do not outsource work to teams of associates or paralegals. We do not churn a file to add billable times. We do not nickel and dime you for every two-minute phone call or one-line email. We know we only get to practice in this great profession because of you, and we are grateful.


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